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Glenvale Laura 7/1 and Midas 5/1 complete a 47/1 double for the members of the "Broome racing Syndicate" when both winning on Saturday 20th August 2016 .

A very pleasing result as both dogs have only recently returned from a spell on the sidelines .

Phil Broome – Professional Trainer attached to Peterborough Stadium

Phil has been involved in greyhound racing nearly all of his life.  From a very early age he would accompany his parents to Hall Green and Cradley Heath to watch his father’s greyhounds run. As a teenager he would spend quite a lot of his weekends at Ray Wilkes schooling track in Kidderminster where his father Philip Snr. worked.  Now attached to Peterborough Phil has held a trainers licence since 1989.

To date the kennels have sent out approaching 1000 winners on 14 different tracks since arriving at Coates nr Whittlesey .  
Phil has attended veterinary seminars in Ireland and England and has been fortunate enough to gain a wide knowledge of treating greyhounds and diagnosing injuries from the likes of Plunkett Devlin, John Kohnke, Chris Dumbleton and John O’Connor.  There is currently room for 30 dogs at the kennels, which means that each dog is able to be dealt with on a ‘one to one basis’.  Phil will travel anywhere if the dogs are good enough. 

Phil has some very good owners and syndicates in the kennel. He is more than happy to help prospective owners, give advice on greyhound ownership, and how to set up a syndicate.

The kennels have undergone extensive refurbishment during 2016 ,including the complete resurfacing and installation of new drains within the main kennel yard area.

Katie Broome – Assistant Trainer

Katie took out her kennel hands licence when she was 15 years old and has since graduated to be Assistant to her father. Katie has a keen interest in pedigrees and possesses an in depth knowledge of bloodlines and works very closely with her father . She is also involved with the diagnosis and treatment of any racing injuries, as well as the preparation of the race dogs.

The Back up team

We currently have a team of 4 kennel hands Margaret ,Dave ,Nigel, and Sam who provide us with invaluable back up and support where necessary.


Broome Racing take the subject of welfare very seriously. All ex racers from the kennels are found retirement homes with the kind assistance of Kevin Stow at Lincs Greyhound Trust @

Phil Broome Telephone :- 07974 742511 E-mail: